Friday, 10 December 2010

print number 1

ok so this will be my first installment of my designs an i think i will start with a waistcoat with a print that i found which was an 'illusion zebra' obviously i wanted real zebra print (not the fur!!)

but i think it came out really good, however i didnt add a closure to it which i really wanted to but i think if i add it, it will not look to good! especially that it can be worn inside and out!
enjoy!! xx

You can see what i mean by the print not being exactly zebra but still has a cool design!

oh just another thing if you want to see more of my designs you can always go to, (to see all my designs)

Love for PRINTS.... MONDO god of prints

Everywhere i look i see prints lol

most recent i have seen has been MONDO GUERRA on the most recent project runway.... season 8! i absolutely love his work i think it is and always will be amazing, this guys knows fashion!!

ever since i saw his work i have been obsessed with prints, my three most favourite are as my title background shows: stripes, zebra and houndstooth.

i mean just look at his stuff it is amzing, from challenge one all the way to the finally, my four favourties of all looks are:

-look 8 the jackie kennedy challenge,

-look 9, the avant garde challenge (love the mix of prints here!!)

-look 10 the design your own print challenge, the story behind the print was just so moving and i am glad he won this one coz he did an amazing look and to win $20,000... hell yes!

-and the last look which was the inspiration look using NY! even though i think it would have been nice to have seen some colour in the look i still think he knocked it out the park!! it looks amazing, only thing that was not my favourite part was the fact that the model looked so tired and did not look how i think he would have liked her to look in the challenge!

this is a copyright phone skin, dont sopy please!!
i was that obsessed with it i actually had my phone cover to show all 3 of them and i think it looks amazing.... what u think?
i redid this about 50 times though until i had the right one in me head, originally i wanted to have the zebra mix with the stripes to look likt the striped turned into the zebra and i ordered it and i thought "you know what i dont like it that much!" so i changed it back to this one.

there are loads of sites where you can do this i think it is just a case of getting online and looking at what u like and making your own cover because u know that no-one wlse will have it and it just you and the cover (sounds really wierd that does, but you know what i mean)
i got mine from (uk, europe) , but i think in america there is

Where to start? =S

I think the best place to start would be to say welcome to my blog!! :)

I think also it would be good to say what will be posted on this blog! well it general terms i will be putting pictures of my designs on it and stuff that i have made and also anything that i see an inspiration and what i would do with that inspiration!

Also i will have photos of celeb icons of mine (for example ,LADY GAGA cheryl cole, rihanna, gokwan...etc), as well as my own style tips for men and women using my style and also what i see as being hot trends and stuff on catwalks

So i hope u enjoy reading my stuff and dont be scared to say anything u wonna see or like!

thanks xxxxxxxxxxx