Friday, 7 January 2011

Pattern magic for the amazing and wicked

I was just searching for random crap the other day online i came across some really cool patterns and i was like "omg, i love everything about these" and did some more research into and there are soo many different and exciting patterns out there.

One which really caught my eye, which i will try out for myself and let you guys know how it goes, was from Julian Roberts.

This man is amazing he does course in advanced cutting and pattern making called 'substitution cutting school' he has a book out aswell which i think is amazing which has all the patterns which he had done and also hand written notes to make it abit more personal i think in terms of when people are reading it.
Anyway back to what i was saying before i go off on a tangent, yeah his patterns i was watching a video on youtube which has one person try the pattern out and i do have a photo of what it looks like as a pattern but no i dea how to do it myself (need to but the book) make sure u check this out it looks really good.

This is what the amazing STARTING of the pattern madness looks like and as you can see it looks amazing already and that not even the end of it. there are many different variations of this that someone can do and i hope you guys try and get to one of his masterclass talks.

Other patterns of his i have seen are just amazing and he will be at my uni at one point but you have to be a fashion student to go (i think) :(

Also what i have seen is amazing patterns on youtube again by an amazing man known as TRpattern and his stuff is wicked and all you have to do is watch the video and it can be really easily to create the looks

Also pattern magic the book is one book which i will get one summer, some of the dresses in that would be amazing to make and i cant wait to get it and get started on it.

this is one of the patterns which really caught my eye and i thought to myself i have seen someone similar to that and it hit me.... burdatsyle. one member on their did a similar detail on a jacket and it looked amazing

i dont know if it is the same (now looking at it probably not) but check her stuff out it is amazing!

The last place that i saw one my internet searching was the patterns of it is really interesting as some of the patterns in their even though they are vintage they will work soo well in modern times and i think they are really ones which need to do be tried out

one in particular i love is the cowl sleeve on the sleeve pattern section
just two examples of what im going on about:

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